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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Shoppingfor your Sunglasses Made Super easy!!

Choosing a right pair of sunglasses is not that easy especially if you are unaware of your face shape and prefer going online to buy your favourite sunglass brand. Since you do not have the liberty to pick and try the pair before buying via online website, you might feel apprehensive whether to go for it or not.

However with growing dependence on web and ease that comes with online shopping, most famous and exquisite brands are offering their products online to garner the attention of users. From French lunette Dior homme to Indian Ray Ban, having a pair of perfect sunglasses can add up to your style quotient thereby adding in oomph to even the simplest of your attire!

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Picking up the perfect sunglass pair!

So what is the key to choosing the right pair of shades? Well, to begin with you need to first of all analyse the shape of your face to determine if it is round, heart, square or ovaled shape before picking on a sunglass pair that can complement your facial features. Offering an easy guide, we make this task easy for you:

Heart Shaped Face Shape: Jawline being the most prominent factor of a heart shaped face, shades that are wider on the top than bottom work well this face type. Retro, cat eyed, aviators are some of the suggest shade types for heart shape face.

Round Shaped Face: This is one of the most ideal face shapes which can get highlighted by picking up aviators and squared glasses which are rimless at the bottom. Since round face is characterised by narrower forehead and broader jawline, any pair that is well centred towards the edges will suit this face shape.

Oval Shape Face: Being one of the most versatile shapes, finding a sunglass pair for such people is most easy. They can pick up aviators or squared glasses keeping in mind they are well in proportion and do not appear oversized in terms of shape.

Why you should consider going for picking up sunglasses online?

There are various advantages that can come up with going for online shopping of your sunglasses in comparison to looking up at retail stores. Let’s analyse some of the benefits that you can avail via online websites

Warranty and Easy return: Nowadays, most online shopping sites provide a manufacturer’s warranty over the products they sell so that comes as an added advantage. In case you are not satisfied with the product you receive, there is a return or an exchange policy that can be availed easily.

Customer Assistance: Some websites even provide 24 hour customer assistance that can be used to make complaints or clear any queries relating to the product.

Multiple Payment Option: Online payment gateways offered by these websites are varied which can vary from paying through credit card to net banking as well. Payment wallets like Airtel money, Paytm etc. can also be used to make a payment online towards purchase of any product.

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