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People who love sports especially a particular game, the defiantly they have a favorite player in that game and whenever get a chance to meet the player then who would like to miss the chance, these chances can only happen when a match is going on. The players does give autographs to their fans as and when they meet them either on any of the game related equipment they are carrying or on any of the thing that a fan is carrying with them. Or if missed a chance then people can also buy such autographed products from as well.

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Now the question is how autographed items are available with which is genuine, verified and certified as well. It happens when a sportsman goes especially for autograph signing events organized by any of the company when there are no matches going on. So there players give autograph on the equipments, jersey, etc. related to their game and distribute it among the people present in that event and the same autographed products goes to the dealers as well who so ever have a tie up with them. So is the reason that the products available on are 100 percent genuine, authenticated and certified. Anyone at any point in time can ask for the certificate from the dealer for the authentication of the item.

These autographs signing also happen before and after the match as well so that the people who are present there in stadium to see the match can also get the original autographed thing from players, this is one thing which attract more people towards the match and fans feel overwhelmed by getting the autograph from one who they actually like as a sports person. Now here it is not necessary that if you like any one specific player and the autographed item that you got is from that same player No. You might get it from some other player as well, which might disappoint you as well. However if you wish to have your own favorite players signed item then can be the one place where you can get what you wish.

Some people love to attend the autograph signings shows because they feel great meeting or seeing their favorite player, they know that the autograph that they are getting is for them only and they authenticate it there and the. Most important that they can mention the details while framing that particular item for showcasing it.