Glass Bongs – The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend

While smoking cigarettes is just what you do, smoking cigarettes is done with great grace and, as in any other specialized pastime, this implies a complete subculture.

Because smoking cigarettes is undoubtedly a specialized art, as any smoker can tell you after the jump, from what can be considered the loss of the world of cigarettes, unhappy cigarettes and cigarettes, to voluptuous and charismatic cigars. Cigars have a depth that permeates all five senses, and the aroma is completely unexpected for those who only know cigarettes. A novice cigar smoker will have nausea and itching for a few days! But, apparently, it is worth working on this barrier: we only need to mention the cigars to an amateur, to listen to them with the words of the wonders of the cigars.

Like a good wine, there are many different types of cigarettes whose differences seem inconceivable to the disinterested. This is a brave relative or friend who is trying to buy a cigar for a loved one, because the options available are huge. And because of the enthusiasm with which cigar lovers love their cigars, the wrong choice can lead to the breakup of the family, which can last for years.

Today it is simply boring to give a friend who is still young and cheerful, for dinner and tea sets. The bachelor only wants to have fun, instead of taking sets of dishes and similar things, so he can always give his friend a glass of water. This is the last thing you can give away, and it’s fashionable. You can easily take him to a bachelor party and, therefore, smoke marijuana instead of just having a simple beer. In addition, the preparation of the bong is very simple and only requires a few minutes of work. 

glass bongs

Glass bongs are available in a variety of surprising shapes and colors

You can also choose from a variety of designs. There are projects that are well adapted to the bar or even simple that you can give away. If you are looking for a real luxury bong, there are many luxury bongs with bright golden shades that hypnotize you and the person to whom you give them.

You can add different flavors to this type of glass bong, for example, a double apple, which will give a taste to fresh apples or, if you are a grape lover, you can add flavor to the grapes and enjoy the smoke. Also, if you want something more fun, you can also combine flavors, for example, a double apple with mint and a little mint with an apple. You can add more mint if you want the flavor to be stronger, and you can add more apple if you want the flavor to be light.

If you buy for a bachelor party, it can also be a bit harmful and, therefore, instead of the apple, grapes or any other flavor, add grass and enjoy the smoke. In addition, these herbal bongs are a very reasonable, silent and economic gift that you can give to our best friend. You can also buy bongs online. With the help of online you can get a better idea of ​​all the designs, colors, etc.


Fortunately, the popularity of cigarette smoking means that there are many resources, from magazines to sites where you can help, whether you want to buy a gift or simply pretend that you have more knowledge when you are in the company of a cigar smoker. Just remember, do not ask him if he wants a cigarette.