How to pick suitable roller skate?

When searching for a roller skate, it is important to decide about the usage. Whether you are going to use it indoor or outdoor? Are you going to use it for skates, dance, race, derby or jam? Based on all these queries, we need to choose a roller skate. Along with these facts, we need to consider the budget for the skate. Let us discuss about all these facts in details here.

Roller skate use – Indoor or outdoor

It is the first point to think while you plan to skate. If you are planning to skate inside the roller rink, then you have to choose a wheel according to that usage. Also if you are planning to use skate on the streets or sidewalk, then the wheel preference should be chosen based on that choice. The major difference between indoor and outdoor skates is in the wheels.

  • Outdoor skate wheels come with softer wheels than indoor. It is designed in that manner to absorb vibration due to rolling over rough surface. This will produce smoother and comfortable ride.
  • Indoor roller skates are not designed with soft wheels. Since soft wheels will provide skid with the indoor rink, it is designed with little rough surface to have friction.

Other than wheels, all the other parts like boots are based on our choice. It can be of lower cut or high cut boots. All the accessories will have similar bearing, laces and so on.

roller skates

Types of roller skate

Roller skate is of different types. Based in the purpose, the choice will differ. Thus the preference will depend upon few things like,

  • For racing – join with derby skate
  • For dancing – join with jam skate
  • For speed racing – join with speed skates

For speed skates, derby and jam, boots are designed with low cut to increase the ankle articulation and agility. They have little difference within the strap. They are,

  • Derby skates have power strap across ankle to hold foot within the place.
  • Jam skates have break to hold while dancing.

High boot cut is implemented for artistic and freestyle skate to protect ankle twist and turn. Once you decide about the type of skate, it is time for you to decide your budget. Based on the type of roller skates, price varies. As we discussed first it is important to figure out the purpose of skating and deciding on the budget is the perfect option to get the right pair of roller skates.