Inspire Yourself by Reading Timothy Sykes Blog

Looking for starting your own blog and want to earn millions every single year by writing about your goals and inspiring many people. Then Forbes is the platform where you can easily publish your blog and earn big money. Timothy Sykes is a stock trader and entrepreneur; he is from Miami Florida and did his graduation from Tulane University.  While he was doing his graduation from Tulane University, he earned 1.65 million dollars by day trading. He also wrote his book “American Hedge Fund” in 2007. To promote his book, he started his blog and after that many big publishers wanted to publish his book. But he denied all the offers and started his own company. Timothy Sykes is a self-made man and blogger. To know more about him Click Here for his official blog page.Timothy Sykes

If you are thinking of writing a blog and earn money, then first read Timothy Skyes blogs. You will get inspired and you will also get the ideas about how to write a blog. He wrote his book, and then he decided to publish that book. But he knew it was not a simple task, he and his mother read many books on how to promote books. He and his mother sent around 300 hands written letter to many big publishers, but it didn’t work and even after six years he only sold 20000 copies. But the failure helps him to choose the right path and he decided to start his blog.  He started a blog to promote his book and after that many people gave instant feedback to his book and blog. And now, every day his blog attracts around 5000 visitors.

In his blog, he tells people that they can also become millionaires by doing penny stock trading. He also promised them that while they do this they can easily earn 15 million dollars to 20 million dollars in a year. He also runs his own company from Miami and his mother and father are also a part of his company and 30 people are working under him. Timothy Skyes Company runs a community named for traders who sell or trade DVDs. If you want to know more about his company or community then Click Here to visit his official website.