It Turns Out That Magic Can Increase Self-Confidence

It Turns Out That Magic Can Increase Self-Confidence

Nurses in the UK have discovered a way that learning simple magic tricks can boost self-confidence. They also teach this to mental health patients. Indeed, there are many benefits that can be obtained from learning magic, but many people are afraid of magic because it goes against their beliefs or is afraid of the dangerous risks behind it. This is also one of the reasons we rarely see kids magician. In fact, children can have good self-confidence if they learn magic.

The UK Department of Health (NHS) advertises volunteer magicians to develop participation in this Magic Therapy Project. Nurses say the lives of mental health patients changed after they managed to amaze their loved ones with a series of cards and magic wands.

British media reported that a man had not spoken for four years. Now, he is a master magician and is able to make the audience stunned and burst into laughter.

The scheme was started by an activist from the Middlesbrough-based health and disability health learning community. Before entering the world of nursing, she had first studied magic. He never imagined anything until he read a report that said that learning magic can help physiotherapy.

He also organized training and conferences on magic which were positively received by the related community. He advertised the project to volunteer magicians who wanted to entertain patients by teaching simple tricks using coins, cloth, or cards.

He admitted that the program showed amazing results. A man with autism manages to master a few tricks. He is now practicing these tricks in front of doctors. These simple tricks also provide many benefits, including improving motor skills and patient concentration.

From this positive side, we can see that magic does not always deceive and fool people, but can also make people better and discover their talents.