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How Do You Set Up Your Kitchen Counter?

The kitchen counter for a home chef is often quite packed, and you must ensure that you have chosen to create a counter that is easy for the family to use. You may place several items on the counter for easy access, but you must plan to use the kitchen in a certain manner. This article explains how the kitchen may be made more efficient with proper placement on the counter.

#1: The Knife Block

The knife block must be next to the butcher block, and you must push the knife block back from the edge of the counter. You may select a counter that has knife slots installed, but the common butcher block will help you push the knives out of the way. The block must hold all your knives, and it is the most functional item in the room.

kitchen counter#2: Small Appliances

You must create space for your small appliances, and you may place several of them on the counter at once. The spice grinder may rest by the stove, the blender may rest away from the stove and you may place a toaster oven or juicer in the same area. Your kitchen mixer may sit near the sink, and the food processor may share space with the blender. A large counter will accept all your appliances, and a small counter will need a rotational system to accept all your appliances.

The appliances you place on your counter only account for a small amount of the space you use. You must ensure that you have left room for your prepared meals, and you must create a small space to host your guests for dinner. There is a romantic atmosphere waiting for you in a kitchen that has been organized properly.

Every step in this article series will lead you to beautiful food, an organizational system and a room that everyone will use. Your kitchen must be assembled properly using your wit, wisdom and new appliances/tools.