Life Inspiring Books Authored By Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb Navy Seal life story iBrandon Webb Navy Seals truly an inspiring one. Anyone who had read his life story will be touched and get inspired. With a lot of obstacles that Brandon faced in life, he never gives up. He is truly a man of honor with his successful Navy Seal life. Webb is not just any ordinary military that serves the people. But, he is a man of action like he had made a lot of things during this military journey. Brandon is never an ordinary military, he was then awarded by the former President George W. Bush because of his bravery. In fact, he received “V” medal as valor in combat. He leads NSWG-1 Training Detachment sniper cell which made him produced the remarkable deadliest snipers in the US military.

Webb’s Authored Books  

  • Mastering Fear: A Navy Seal’s Guide. This is one of his best books published. It contains a simple but powerful 5-steps guide for transforming a life by letting fears work for you instead of destroying your life. The books talk about how he had run life-threatening missions in the world’s trouble spots. It shows how his life was in the middle of life and death. But, he never showed fear, in fact, he teaches his co-military to never give up. It is a part and nature of their work. After his military life, he becomes a national television commentator and media CEO. He had learned to apply those same skills to his entrepreneurial life.
  • The Red Circle. The book is about Brandon’s life in the Navy Seal Sniper Corps. Plus, it talks about how he had trained and produced deadliest marksmen. He put himself as an example, he could forge a band of elite warriors until he becomes one. Brandon has no easy life of training in Naval Special Operations, he had combat in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. This book provides riveting and a rare look at the inner workings of the eyes of a covert operations specialist. Brandon’s second career is leading instructor for the shadowy sniper cell. He trained some of the finest and deadliest warriors including Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell that makes him have a compelling story.Brandon Webb Navy Seal
  • Navy Seal Sniper. The book talks about an intimate look at the 21st-century Sniper. The sniper is actually a battlefield threat. Marksmanship is an art to be mastered which is important. Snipers should be able to apply alone on a hostile mountain top or in an urban environment with equal effectiveness. Being a sniper is promising, but only a few are chosen ones. A modern sniper should not only leverage technological advances. To be exact, to have the foreknowledge of selecting the best gear and rifle for the mission.