The Benefits Of A Good Casein Protein Powder

Whey protein and casein are the two main milk-based protein powders on the market. The best casein protein is often seen as the desire of the two among gym-goers. There are many benefits to taking casein. Taking it before bed increases muscle protein synthesis.

Casein is slow-digesting making it less effective unlike whey as a post-workout supplement. But being slow-digesting means this is way effective to prevent hunger between meals. Casein intake about an hour before a workout is effective.

Benefits of Casein

There are many benefits to taking casein. This is also good in a certain protein supplement. Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that can take long hours to digest. This allows your body to have a steady stream of amino acids. Instead of a quick absorption to the muscles like a whey concentrate does.

Casein supplement at night keeps you anabolic. Your body is building muscle while you are asleep. This supplement allows your body to absorb and use the nutrients consumed. This is likewise great to keep you satiated and feeling full when taking before a meal. This is effective for those who are having a calorie restrictive diet. They can lose weight while preserving their muscle mass.

Casein as a slow-acting protein fight against muscle breakdown. Due to its great amount of amino acid,  it can also boost endurance for muscle recovery. This supplement promotes lean muscle and increases weight loss.

What to Look for in a Good Casein Protein Powder

Weigh your options to find the best casein protein. There are many products available on the market. Yet it is important to look for the key factors:

  • Quality of Ingredients. Know the casein protein content in the product. As well as the sweeteners it has. Choose the ones that don’t have the unnecessary ingredients. The best casein supplements are simple, with clean formulas and a solid dose of protein.
  • Amount of Protein. Look for the amount of protein serving of each product. The product that has 20-30g in each serving is the most recommended. Make sure to look on this factor.
  • Make sure to know the product taste and know if it mixes as well. In doing so, you can read between the label of each product. Or have some review from the other consumer.

Sometimes when it comes to protein, some don’t want all the extra fillers into the formula. Many brands have the bulk supplement that offers a bare-bones casein protein. A great casein should have a clean, pure formula and is a great source of calcium. It comes in one flavor making it adaptable for cooking or baking. In choosing the right supplement for you, ask the experts advice first to avoid health issues.