These Rug Materials Are Common To Be Found On The Market

These Rug Materials Are Common To Be Found On The Market

After studying the texture and model of making the rug Carpet Cleaners Northshore, then we must know the material from the rug. If you are curious about the types of Saxony rugs, for example, you can distinguish them from the rug material. Aside from that, if you have a very smelly rug at home, you can hire the rug cleaning north shore to wash it for you.

Well, here are some common rug materials that you must know:


This material is very soft and durable, besides that, it doesn’t get dirty easily. Nylon is indeed the type of thread that is most often used for rugs. Nylon also does not ‘print’ feet easily and does not catch mold easily. So, this type of rug is not easily damaged and rot. This material is also easy to paint and without fading easily. The material is also cheaper than wool, but more expensive than synthetic rugs! If cared for properly, nylon rugs can last for 15 years. So durable!

Polypropylene (Olefin)

Olefins are the best-selling rug fibers besides nylon. The texture is like wool and is almost as soft as nylon with the same comfort. Therefore, olefin is often used as a substitute for wool. The stain will be very difficult to stick to this rug, but it is very easy to absorb oil. If it has absorbed the oil, the rug will be easy to get dust on. Even though it gets dirty easily, this rug is surprisingly easy to clean. Its durability is not as tough as nylon, so this fiber is used for loop-style rugs, especially Berber rugs. Polypropylene rugs are slightly cheaper than those made from nylon but more expensive than polyester and acrylic.


The bright and striking rug color is the most durable type of polyester rug. If you have a family that is prone to allergies or asthma, this fiber does not cause allergies, huh. There is also a type of eco-friendly polyester, which is polyester / PET made from recycled plastic bottles. Unfortunately, polyester is prone to flattening if it is hit by heavy items. For example, if you place it in an area where people often pass it, your footprints must be printed on the
surface. This type of fiber is also prone to oil stains and is difficult to clean.

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