What is Strongman Training and Why You Need to Do it?

Strongman is the weightlifting sport where an athlete competes in many events involving various aspects of physical and mental strength, endurance and speed. There’s a wide range of the possible event combinations that opens a sport to all types of athletes. Some of the competitions are quite heavy and only favor the strongest and biggest athletes. But, some competitions are focused on moving fairly heavy weights for the set distance or number of times in a given time frame. After that, there are well-balanced competitions, which need speed, strength, and good conditioning to be very successful.

But how can strong man training will help you in your workout program? Here’re some reasons to think of being strong:

Makes You Stronger

Why makes strong man training is so effective, is because of the unbalanced loads that you need to move over multiple distances or time domains. Unlike dumbbells or barbells, strongman movements will force you make certain adjustments in the positioning that induce huge amounts of the muscle tension that the body is not exposed to. For bringing positive change an overload should be applied. It can just take place if training load you’re placing on the body is above its habitual level. So, by adding things like atlas stone work, loaded carries, and tire flips, muscles overloading will not be a big problem.

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Makes You Bigger

The muscle gains are a by-product of the large amounts of time in tension, generally at the sub-maximal loads. For traditional style bodybuilding, the sets can fall from 20 – 60 seconds long. The time domains with the strong man training movements are quite similar and lasting from 30 – 90 seconds. What does it mean? This means that an energy system getting taxed in every respective training style is same. Despite its name, strongman movements and events are not a feat for showcasing the maximal strength. Instead, it is a strength test over distance and time.

Fun and Creative

Lets us look at some strongman training moves that will give you the flavor of what to expect:-

  • Loaded carries or farmers walk – for example, using a trap bar/beer keg/heavy kettlebells or dumbbells;
  • Picking up and moving heavy objects over longer distances, quickly – for example, shouldering ‘atlas stones’ (or sandbags/slam balls);
  • Pushing heavy weight –like a weighted prowler;
  • Deadlifts – with the log tube;
  • Lifting heavy objects –like flipping large truck tyres;
  • Pulling or dragging heavy –a weighted sled;
  • Pressing –like performing ‘clean & press’ with the big keg or log tube;
  • Squatting –hugging a large sandbag;
  • Lunging – holding sand filled keg on your head;
  • Dynamic chopping –hitting a truck tyre with a sledge hammer.
  • Throwing heavy objects –slam balls