What you should check when buying a used car

Now that you have located one of your candidates, it is time to test it and verify its status . If you do not have the slightest idea of ​​mechanics and you know someone who does, it is best to accompany you. Four eyes see more than two and, in addition, it is always good to have a second external opinion and with a head that is colder than ours. In all cars there are three things that we have to check: their legal status, their mechanical condition and their exterior and interior appearance. Some important points considered  used cars in modesto.

Check the papers of the car

sometimes, especially when buying a private, we can find unpleasant surprises, as the car has unpaid tax charges, domain reservations because it belongs to a financial … Check that there are no charges or it is specified in the contract of sale that any debt prior to the date of purchase shall be borne by the previous owner. It is important that everything is included in the documentation, including the user manual and the maintenance book. Also the bills of revisions and repairs will allow you to follow the life that that car has taken.

used cars in modesto

Check the appearance of the car:

 Many times we stop buying a car because it has many parking frictions that do not matter and we buy a freshly painted and clean but that conceals a serious sinister. Do not get carried away by appearances and see if there are differences in color between the doors and the fins (especially in metallic paint cars), if one headlight shines more than another … this may indicate that those parts have been changed or repaired Find asymmetries. If the slot between the bonnet and the left wing is larger or smaller than on the right side, if the doors on one side close better than the other … This type of thing indicates that there may be a serious blow badly repaired.

Check the interior appearance of the car:

 Inside the car we must check that the wear is consistent. If we see some tires on the new pedals but the seat worn … This type of incongruities show that they have tried to “make up” the car. Check well that the seats do not have gaps, that the safety belts collect well and do not stay unrolled, lifts the mats in search of crystals (when a window breaks it splinters into a thousand pieces that usually leave a trace). In  the trunk check that there are no strange wrinkles in the hollow of the spare wheel that are evidence of a poorly repaired blow.