Why The USSR t-10 is The Perfect Tank For You

World of Tanks is an online game that is dedicated to tanks. If you have a knack for anything tanks, then the game is perfect for you. It’s an open world environment where you can compete with other players to see which tank is better than the other. Later you will realize that it’s not about finding the most specked out tank because no tank is perfect and no matter how perfect looking that tank is, there will always be flaws that you need to look out for.

The USSR tank called the t-10 is not an exception to this. This tank is classed as a heavy tank, meaning, it’s slow, but it’s also powerful. The t-10 was developed in the year 1954 for more than 8 years. That might seem a lot of time for product development but there’s a reason behind it, you see, there was a cessation of production and development of large tanks in WWII. But in the years from 1954-1964, copies of the t-10 finally saw the light of day.

What good is it for? In WoT, you will find tanks that will suit your personality and preference. That is the reason why many people are able to to find the perfect tank for them. Because every tank is never made the same, they have significant differences that will suit someone’s preferences. If you haven’t had a tank that has suit you yet, maybe the t-10 is the best one for you. Below are what its good for:

  • The t-10 is known for high protection level and good shot performance
  • The t-10 is good for short and long range combat
  • The t-10 is a popular military machine

Its one of the best: There’s a good reason why the t-10 is one of the well loved tank of all time. Its even safe to say that the tank has a ton of good reviews from various players that used it. Even from the specs alone you can already tell that its a tank that you should definitely consider when you’re looking for one. Below are its specs.

t-10 in WoT


  • Hit Points – 1800 HP


  • Engine power – 750 horsepower
  • Speed limit – 50/15 km/h
  • Max power – 14.75 hp/t


  • Hull armor – 120/120/60 mm
  • Turret armor – 250/201/90 mm


  • Attack – 440/440/530 points
  • Armor destroy – 258/340/68 mm
  • Shot speed – 4.88/min

The t-10 is a popular tank, its on the heavy side, but its has a very reliable armor and as powerful cannon that makes it a really good tank for charging and destroying enemies in close and long range combat. Its a very reliable tank, thus its often being mentioned in high praises. Many people has found a liking to this tank and you might too. If you wish to learn more about t-10 in WoT, visit the hyperlink.