You Can Do These Steps To Maintain Your Car Tyre Easily At Home

You Can Do These Steps To Maintain Your Car Tyre Easily At Home

Just like other car components, tyres also need attention and need regular maintenance. If you rarely take care of car tyres, it can make the tyre’s service life shorter and easily damaged. In addition to the main factors supporting comfort and safety, car tyres also help engine performance. Tyres that are rarely maintained can reduce vehicle performance. If this is allowed, the consumption of fuel oil may increase, which is wasteful. If this happens to you, we suggest you bring your damaged car tyres to the company of mobile tyre fitting essex.

Caring for car tyres is very easy and can be done yourself at home. tyre maintenance should start when new tyres are installed on the wheels, so don’t delay months or even years.

This time we share simple tips on how to take care of your car tyres:

Here are the steps:
1. Pay attention to the air pressure in the tyres. Follow the instructions on the vehicle placard on the inside of the door or according to the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Strive for tyres to be balanced and the car to be spoored so that performance and comfort control remain maximal when driving.

3. If the tyres are dirty, you should use car soap or shampoo to clean them.

4. For maximum results, remove the four wheels and clean the remaining dirt between the wheels and tyres optimally and do it at least once a month.

5. Choose the right type and size of tyres. Tyres consist of several types. There are specially designed for asphalt road terrain, soil, rocks and others. Also, make sure the tyres used to match the size of the car’s wheels.

6. Don’t forget to rotate the tyres. This needs to be done to prevent uneven wear, as well as to extend the life of the tyres. We recommend doing tyre rotation when the car has travelled as far as 7,500-10,000 kilometres.

7. Change of new tyres needs to be done when the time comes. tyres have a Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) located on the tread. TWI is indicated by a triangle. If the tread has touched the TWI, it means that the car owner must immediately replace the tyre.