How to Design an Attractive Sticker

How to Design an Attractive Sticker

Sticker design requires a lot of consideration in its various aspects. So that you are not confused in designing it, it is highly recommended that you follow some of the following design tips. Be sure to pay attention to these tips on how to design this sticker and produce a Custom Stickers design that is worthy of being a promotional medium and even being sold to the market at a favorable price.

Modification with a Specific Purpose
Sometimes, another sticker design method that you also need to pay attention to is that the purpose of making stickers must be prioritized. If it is not possible to achieve the goal with a single image, you can add multiple posts. For example, when you are going to promote social media, it is not enough to just make a logo sticker. So you need to also include the required web address.

Choose Diverse and Bright Colors
You have to make a variety of colors in the sticker design. This variety of colors will make your stickers attract attention. You also need to choose bright colors as sticker colors. If the color is too dark, usually after printing it will get darker and make it less attractive and not very good results.

Choose a Unique Sticker Shape
Stickers must be shaped and cut to the shape of the design. So if the shape you choose is an interesting shape, the sticker shape becomes interesting. An interesting shape is usually a unique shape. These shapes, for example, flowers, caterpillars, or several types of animals can be your inspiration in designing.

Insert Simple Design
The right way to design a sticker is to design it as simply as possible. Don’t make overly complex designs in small stickers. You have to make sure that only the important and impactful designs you use for printing. If too many and full, the design becomes unattractive.