Specifications That Must Be On Your Coffee Machine

Specifications That Must Be On Your Coffee Machine

When you choose an espresso machine, there are several product specifications that you should pay attention to. Let’s discuss these points. Go here for the best coffee machines.

Choose a machine with an extraction pressure of 9 bar for best results
An espresso machine that has an extraction pressure of 9 bar will produce a delicious coffee taste with thick crema like in a cafe. Crema is the yellow-brown liquid in the top layer of coffee. The taste and aroma of the coffee you make is influenced by the crema. If you use a machine with an extraction pressure of 3 or 6 bar, the crema produced is usually of poor quality. Therefore, if you want coffee quality like in a cafe, check the extraction pressure of the machine.

Choose the tank capacity according to the number of people and the frequency of use
One cup of espresso is usually about 30 cc. This means that if the espresso machine has a 1 liter tank capacity, you can produce 30 cups of espresso in one use. Use this guide to calculate the required engine capacity.

Also pay attention to the ease of cleaning and maintaining the espresso machine
Espresso machines are not cheap stuff. Therefore, choose a machine that every component can be removed and cleaned easily so that it remains durable and does not bother maintaining the machine. If you choose a superautomatic type machine, choose a product that has an auto cleaning function or a product that can suppress the coffee grounds to become solid. This will make it easier to clean the coffee grounds.

To make a variety of favorite espresso, choose a machine with a set function. An espresso machine with this feature gives you the opportunity to adjust the grinding process, fineness, and temperature of the coffee beans. So, you will get the desired result. If you rely on the taste of coffee based on bean processing, roasting, and the like, choose a machine that has a function of up to five or six stages. Next, choose a product that can make various types of coffee drinks if the machine will be used in shifts by many people such as in the office. Therefore, you can choose a product that is not only capable of producing espresso, but also other types of coffee such as regular coffee.