The History Of Watches And Its Development Over Time

The History Of Watches And Its Development Over Time

Nowadays, it is natural to think that clock civilization started in Switzerland, but, based on important records and evidence contained in the history of watches, we will be brought acquainted with a man from Germany, Peter Henlein. Peter is noted as the inventor of the clock and made the clock a luxury accessory in his time. Peter Henlein who was born in 1485 in Nuremberg, Germany is a caretaker in a growing antique company in Nuremberg. At the company, Henlein managed to make his first watch, named taschenuhr. This Peter gem clock has a head similar to a watch as we know it today but is still slightly larger and is usually equipped with a necklace chain. Apart from that, if you want to read more news about watches, you can visit immediately.

However, when we look at the oldest watches in the world, the answer is a watch that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I of England as a gift from Robert Dudley which was made in the 16th century. At that time, wristwatches were a new thing because previously watches were pocket watches with leather bracelets or straps.

The concept of the watch itself has existed since the 16th century in the form of a special clock to be pinned on the arm that Robert Dudley gave to Queen Elizabeth I of England. However, many consider that the history of watches cannot be separated from Abraham-Louis Breguet, as the creator of the first watch, which at that time was intended for Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s sister and queen of the City of Naples.

The shape and function of the clock which was originally a pocket watch or necklace clock began to shift as a clock that was pinned on the wrist. Along with its functions and needs, since World War I, clocks can be used as part of determining strategy during the war.

Starting in 1923, John Harwood created the first automatic winding watch and began to be produced by Hamilton Watch Company, a watch manufacturer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States (which is now under the Swatch Group) in 1957. Although in terms of accuracy, Hamilton’s watches still needed updating, and in 1961 Hamilton updated the electrical conductors of his watches.