These 4 Tips Can Make Employees Feel At Home

These 4 Tips Can Make Employees Feel At Home

Every employee has an important role in the sustainability of a company’s business. As part of the HRD team, you must maintain employee loyalty so that they can work well for the long term. One of them by increasing the comfort of the office. Aside from that, you can also visit this website to hire experts to improve your office.

Here are 4 tips to make employees feel at home in the office to be more productive at work:

1. Add office facilities

The company provides various facilities so that employees feel a comfortable atmosphere to work. For example, a place to live, a health clinic, to a special place to eat for employees.

Some companies provide fitness facilities for entertainment such as game centers. With this facility, employees will feel more cared for.

2. Decorate your office with plants

Sprucing up and beautifying the office atmosphere with flowers and plants, might just increase morale in the workplace and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Research shows that offices with houseplants have happier and more productive employees.

Adding plants to your office can increase productivity by up to 15 percent.

The presence of these green plants encourages increased satisfaction at work, perceived air quality, and concentration levels among workers.

So, there’s nothing wrong with adding plants in the office, right?

3. Doing gatherings

After being tired of piling up office work, it’s time for the HRD team to prepare time for refreshing together. Bosses who care about their employees will spend quality time just hanging out or having a light chat during coffee breaks.

There are times when you and your colleagues at the office have to do activities such as family gatherings or refreshing together. Remember, don’t talk about work when you’re enjoying the activity.

4. Having a pet in the office

Many people like pets. There’s nothing wrong, you take the initiative to offer the office to have a pet to reduce employee stress.

If you are thinking of allowing pets in the office, you should facilitate it with a special room for a pet-free area in the office for employees who have allergies.

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