Why Is PVC Pipe The Best Choice At Home?

Why Is PVC Pipe The Best Choice At Home?

PVC pipes are widely used as plumbing pipes in homes, both as pipes for closets or sinks. Even PVC pipe is also called the best choice. This is because the price of PVC pipe is not too expensive, and maintenance is not too difficult when compared to pipes made of iron and metal. Apart from that, if you have problems with your pipes at home but you are too busy to repair them yourself, we recommend you call MIRACLE ROOTER.

Now for those of you who are still unsure about the choice of PVC pipe as a plumbing pipe at home, here are some reasons that can convince you.

PVC Pipe Price

One of the reasons why PVC pipes are widely used for water pipes is that they are not too expensive compared to metal or iron pipes. Meanwhile, iron pipes such as cast iron of the same size cost much more than PVC pipes.

It’s Easy to Carry and Install

Due to its lightweight, the transportation (shipping) process and the installation of PVC pipes have become easier. For installation, PVC pipes can be connected using special glue or special connections which are easier than installing or installing on iron pipes. Even so, you have to be more careful. Due to the fragile nature of the material, damage may occur during shipping or installation if not done carefully.

Free from Chemical Contamination and Rust

The use of iron pipes as drains is not recommended because corrosion or rust can occur due to exposure to rainwater and sunlight. In addition, iron pipes can also cause water contamination because they can react to water. Unlike the PVC pipe which will not react when exposed to water so it is safe to use as a water channel, especially for drinking water.

Those were some of the reasons why PVC pipes are the right choice for use as plumbing at home. But what you have to remember, even though you have applied the tips for installing hot water pipes for the best results, you should not use PVC pipes for hot water. Because there are other types of pipes that are more appropriate for hot water use because they are safer and stronger.